Cross Connection Control

Each commercial property served by BTPWD is required to have a Cross Connection Control survey done every two years.

Under the provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974, the Federal Government has established, through the Environmental Protection Agency, national standards of safe drinking water. One of the requirements imposed on all water providers, is that they have a program for identifying and eliminating cross connections to the potable water system.

Pursuant to the ordinance regulating BTPWD’s Cross Connection Control program, it is the responsibility of the property owner and/or water customer to have a Survey Inspection performed on the potable water system in building(s) under your control, every two (2) years, by a State of Illinois Licensed Cross Connection Control Device Inspector, (C.C.C.D.I.).

PLEASE NOTE: If your property has cross connection control device(s), even if your property is classified as RESIDENTIAL, each device must be tested for proper operation at the time of installation and ANNUALLY thereafter by a C.C.C.D.I. and a test report must be sent to this office for filing.

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