Frank Cottrell
Water District Manager

Important Information

Important notice

Wen. 3/26/2014

Main break and repair in front of Crestwicke country club club house...we beleive that we can isolate the shut down to just the area around the club house.

If you have no water pressure calll our answering servicxe at 823-0211 and give them your name and address.

Water service should resume this after noon.

Customers who have ACH Bank Draft Auto Pay - Utility Payments will be deducted from your bank account on Wednesday, February 19th due to the bank holiday. These will be on-time payments and NOT subject to penalties.



New rates for 2013/2014

$20.90 minimum   0- 1500 gal.

$10.20 per 1000 gal over minimum.

In person payments: Our office located at 1717 RT Dunn Dr. , Suite C, Bloomington. There is a drop box available for payments - this is available 24 hrs/day


BTPWD, P.O.Box 1291 Bloomington IL, 61702-1291

If you have signed up for ACH withdrawals from your checking account...We will start payments on August 15th 2013.

See Information Section of Website for ACH and E-Bill info.

How to Read Your Monthly Bill

One of the most common customer service issues that BTPWD receives deals with understanding your monthly bill. Click here to follow a link to our helpful tutorial on understanding your monthly bill.

BTPWD is a small water district providing customers who live West, South and Southeast of Bloomington, Illinois with safe and clean water. For more information on how BTPWD came about, visit our About Us page. BTPWD purchases water from the City of Bloomington and resells it to our customers who otherwise would not be able to get city water because they are outside of the Bloomington City limits.

The BTPWD Board of Trustees meets every second Tuesday of the month and all meetings are open to the public. Meetings are held at 6:45 PM at 1717 RT Dunn Dr. Suite C Bloomington IL. If you would like to attend and would like further details please contact us.

For any questions concerning BTPWD, your service, your bill or information about becoming a new customer please contact District Manager, Frank Cottrell.

In 2005 the Bloomington and Normal Water Reclamation District (BNWRD) brought a new Waste Water Treatment Plant on-line to meet the demands of Bloomingtons growth. Since the BNWRD main interceptor sewer travels through BTPWD near the Crestwicke Country Club area, then south to the new Waste Water Treatment Plant, it provided an opportunity for BTPWD to provide sanitary sewage collection services to existing customers adjacent to the interceptor sewer. BTPWD was petitioned by land owners to take on this new role to allow for expanded utility service.

For more information or questions on how to become a new customer for the Bloomington Township Sanitation District please contact Frank Cottrell.

Thank you for visiting the BTPWD Web Site and please let us know if you have any suggestions or comments. Send message

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